Gil - Icelandic Wool Sweater

Icelandic Design - handknitted

Gil available colors: white, grey, black size S,M,L,XL 100% icelandic wool hand knitted

The Icelandic wool As a breed, the Iceland Sheep is unique. The purity of the strain has been protected by centuries of isolation and a total absence of contact with other breeds of sheep. By the same token, the wool it produces has no counterpart anywhere. Evolving over 1100 years of exposure to the sub-Arctic climate, Icelandic wool has a distinctive combination of inner and outer fibers. The outer fibers are long, glossy, tough and water repellant, while the inner ones are fine, soft and insulating, providing a high resistance to cold. Nature reigns supreme through the whole manufacturing process of the Icelandic wool. Only natural energy sources such as geothermal and hydroelectric power are used in its production, while the sheep from which the wool is harvested still graze freely in summer, as they have always done, on vast tracts of virgin land. The Icelandic wool and it's natural benefits (being warm, water repellant, lightweight, breathable, odor resistant and biodegradable) is therefore exceptionally fitting as a raw material for designing multifunctional apparel, suitable for outdoor activity as well as city life.

Care instructions Handwash only in lukewarm water (30°C / 86°F). Do not rub or wring but gently squeeze the liquid through the garment. If necessary, spin for about 1/2 minute to remove excess moisture. Dry flat, smooth the garment out and pull gently into shape. Note: It is often enough to air a wollen garment thoroughly, rather than washing it.

Icelandic Design

Designed by Farmers Market.

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