The marvelous power of nature
The ointments from Villimey are a 100#% natural product, with  international organic certification, and free of all added  preservatives, fragrance and artificial colour. It is made from selected  Icelandic herbs, hand-picked in the unspoiled nature of the West fjords.

MUSCLE & JOINT-MAGIC This powerful mixture of herbs such as arctic  willow and meadowsweet is excellent to reduce swellings and great for  feet, forehead, joints, back and shoulders, insect bites or sore spots  and very good for massage.

WOUND-MAGIC is very good for minor cuts, burns and skin abrasions. It  has also been used (externally) for hemorrhoids, with excellent results.

BABY BOTTOM-MAGIC is an ointment especially made for small children and  babies with burns or nappy rash. It is also very good for dry or chapped  cheeks due to cold weather.

FOOT-MAGIC is very good for mycosis and purulence. It is superb for  male and female genitals to treat mycosis, itches and other discomforts.  It can be used as a prevention for inflammation of the bladder.

SKIN-MAGIC has proven to be an exceptionally soothing, emollient and  therapeutic lotion for eczema, dyshidrosis, psoriasis and other skin  disorders.

BELLY-MAGIC is excellent for dry skin and to prevent stretch marks of  pregnant women.

LIP-MAGIC is emollient and works well on cold sores. It is also very  good under lipsticks or as an overlay.  The lip balm contains selected  herbs to soften and protect your lips to give a beautiful and healthy  shine.

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